Dancing Horse Stables is our little "slice of heaven"

We have a passion for dressage, good horsemanship and happy ponies!

We have created a fun, low-pressure, paradise for horse and rider. We can cater to your horses needs and make owning a horse relatively worry free. We strive to keep our education up-to-date in dressage, equine biomechanics, the latest medical advances and nutritional support.

Kellie offers good horsemanship instruction as well as dressage instruction. She will teach you to understand and respect your horse, and also, teach them to trust in you. You will learn about quiet, clear aids. You will come to see that you are talking to your horse all the time – even if you don’t intend to be…. Learn to follow the gaits with your seat and hands. Learn to give aids in a way that enhances how the horse moves and doesn’t interfere with it. Dressage can be fairly simple at it’s core. It is all about balance –back to front, side to side, activating your horses’ engine, and channeling that power and activity over the back and into your hands. Teach your horse to have fun with you!

We have happy, well-educated school horses at the lower levels in dressage with a variety of packages. Kellie is available to help you find your next horse or your first horse, and make it an enjoyable learning experience from start to finish.
Kellie believes in keeping you safe and your horse healthy while advancing in dressage. There are no short cuts to good horsemanship and effective riding.

We want you to have a great partnership with your horse!