• Kellie brings the knowledge and the skills and the experience to her teaching, which enables her to instruct her students, in a positive and effective style. She is patient with horse and rider, often questioning whether or not a horse's misbehavior, could possibly be caused by pain or discomfort. And then has suggestions for determining what could be causing the pain and ideas how to deal with the problem. My horses have always appreciated Kellie's understanding of them and her ability to work with each differently. One of John Lyon's rules is "that a horse must be calmer after a lesson, than before it started." With Kellie's instruction the horse and the rider are both calmer after a lesson.

    - Darlene Brown

  • I am so fortunate to have found Kellie. She has been my daughter's and my mentor, trainer and dressage encyclopedia for nine years. Her commitment to our success has been unwavering. Kellie has an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the horse and rider and is always prioritizing the horses needs. She instills her understanding of the sport in her students leaving no holes in our education. She creates relaxed and happy athletes, through proper muscle development and medical maintenance. Kellie is an excellent teacher with incredible patience, promoting a comfortable learning environment for both the horse and the rider. I couldn't imagine training with anyone else, or with a different philosophy.

    - Carla and Danica Schmidtke

  • Over the past 25+ yrs that I've known Kellie Larsen & personally used her services for myself, my daughter and my horses, she's continued on her life long path of learning about every aspect of the horse, rider, owner and their total care. I've watched her as a trainer of horses & riders, competitor & judge, owner of a boarding barn with lesson horses/rehabbers/retirees/ and personal horses, who always gives each the kind of individualized care that will bring out their personal best. In short, and as an owner of a barn myself...if I were a horse, I could not imagine a better life than being under Kellie's meticulous care!

    - Julie

  • I feel very fortunate that I have been able to work with Kellie Larsen for the past 6 years. She started with giving lessons to my son Grant on our horse Felina for 3 years, followed by me boarding Felina with her and both of us taking lessons for the past 3 years. Kellie's knowledge of horses, their best care through their lives - from young to the aging horse, is amazingly extensive (Felina is now 24), as well as her alliance with vets, chiro and massage therapists that all can help with knowing the best proper care of your horse. This also includes knowledge about diet, different hay, pellets, grain and supplements to keep your horse in optimal condition. (I really love that I don't need to know all this - I just trust her, because she's solved several of Felina's issues with her knowledge.) All the horses have a stall with paddock and get turned out in individual grass pastures to graze for the appropriate amount of time during most days. Kellie tailors the care that each horse and student gets to best match each individually. Grant required information. In beginning Dressage lessons, if Kellie taught him a rein or leg aid, he wanted to know why, and she would take the time to explain it. Grant had never had an instructor explain anything - it was just do... I, on the other hand, live on information overload. I just want the "do" with a bit of information if I don't understand, and that is exactly how she tailors my lessons. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Kellie Larsen and Dancing Horse Stables for your horse home and Dressage lesson instructor.

    - Liza

  • As Thanksgiving is coming up, I am feeling very thankful for some things. One of them is being able to have our horses at your barn. They receive better care there than anywhere else we’ve ever stabled any of our horses. We love that they have 24 hour access to the outdoors and are never locked in their stalls. We love that they have grass turnout all year long; that there is never any mud; that the footing in the arena is always good; that the canter path around the property and the trail outside of it are always available; that coats come on and off as needed; that you think about nutrition and are always finding the best hay and possible supplements to keep them healthy. Of course they love that they get fed at least four times/day and there are always carrots in the tack room and caring people surrounding them. Thank you so much for all you do. You’ve created the best place to board and we love it!

    - Laura